Mulberry Blue
Mulberry Blue  One time conversation

  1   Drop in the ocean  (Bethany Harris)                  (> Now playing)

   2   Across the marshes  (Richard Clay)

  3   Outside of the Inside  (Richard Thompson)

   4   Some old salty  (Lal Waterson)

   5   Lighthouse (Waifs)

   6   One time conversation  (Richard Clay)

   7   The tree song  (Bethany Harris)

   8   Little gypsy girl   (Traditional)

   9   The big man   (Richard Clay)

  10  Following orders   (Duncan Hall)

11  Willow tree  (Traditional)

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I really really like this album….. sounds really fresh and clean and crisp….. a great balance between being a very enjoyable listen and a very good introduction to their live sound…. excellent choice of material and mix of styles, plenty to keep the ears interested….. very well-recorded and well-mixed. 
                                                                                                                   Nick Hall     (“The Hall Brothers”)