Mulberry Blue
Mulberry Blue are:

Beth, James and Richard formed the trio "Mulberry Blue" in the Autumn of 2005 and played extensively at folk and acoustic venues and festivals in Yorkshire and beyond until the summer of 2007. At that point Beth decided she had to wind down her musical commitments and the band made their final appearance at the Otley Folk Festival in Sept 07.

Beth and James shared the lead vocals but all three were strong solo singers and their characteristic sound was a full three part harmony. Complementing the vocals was the interplay between James' harmonica, and Richard's melodic lead. James played harmonica as well as some lead guitar. Richard played guitar, mandolin, or fiddle, in styles going from traditional folk, through blue grass, to jazz. Their repertoire eventually consisted substantially of songs written by the members of the band themselves. "Originally thought of as a folk group, their own fantastic material has steered them in an acoustic rock direction, with a hint of blues. Not to be missed!" (Wayne Stote)

Richard and James often performed together as a duo, first as "Mulberry Two", and then for a couple of years after the demise of the original Mulberry Blue as "Mixing up the Medicine".


Richard Clay - Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin
James Whelan - Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica
Bethany Harris - Vocal, Guitar
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“…an amazing performance … flamboyant and energetic!”